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Folding and Creasing

Automatic folding machine for single folds, z or roll folds, double z folds and variations thereof. Where the paper or card is too thick we have machines to crease the substrate and avoid cracking. Ideal for menus and heavier brochures.


  • Plastic Comb (6mm to 50mm)
  • Wiro – 3:1 (5,5mm to 14,3mm) and 2:1 (16mm – 34mm)

Number and Perforating

While small jobs are done by hand we do have a number and perforating machine to handle large volume numbering as well as all your large volume perforating requirements including 2 to view, 4 to view and 6 to view books.


Lamination achieves improved strength, stability, appearance as well as protection from moisture